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2015-2016 Rotary Exchange Student Carolina “Carol” Guerreiro Machado is from Aracatuba, a city of about 190,000 in the Brazilian state of Sao Paolo. Aracatuba is about 500 kilometers west of the city of Sao Paolo on the southeast coast of Brazil. Brazil’s capital city of Brasilia is a planned city; it was built in the 1960s to be a capital city and designed with great intention. The word Aracatuba means “lots of fruit.” It is very warm in Aracatuba; winter temperatures don’t often get below 60 degrees.

Carol’s parents are pharmacists and biochemists; her older sister is studying to be a physician. Carol loves animals and has five dogs and a horse. Her hobbies include barrel racing, singing and dance. She had to give dance up three years ago to make more time for academics. Carol’s family enjoys travel, so she has experienced snow, but has never lived through a winter.

When asked what she misses most, Carol mentioned the weather, but said she’s not experiencing a lot of homesickness yet, but that we should ask again in a few months! When asked what she’s enjoying the most, Carol said people are very nice and she likes that she got to choose her subjects in school, as students in Brazil don’t have that freedom. When talking with the other exchange students at RFHS, she learned that all of them struggled with lockers, as it’s something they hadn’t ever experienced.

Welcome to River Falls, Carol – we are so pleased to have you here!

Rotarians in Action
Volunteers Help with Improvements at Grace Place

Member of the River Falls Rotary Club, along with other Rotarians from the area, have been helping Grace Place update their new shelter in New Richmond. Ceiling panels were the project of the day!


Our club has a strong emphasis on youth programs. Projects and programs include:

  • Sponsorship of incoming and outgoing Rotary Youth Exchange Students, including Gary, our current guest from Taiwan.
  • The Strive Program - helping high school students maintain a focus on their education and encouraging future educational goals.
  • Westside Readers - helping grade school students at Westside Elemenbary strengthen their reading skills.
  • Support of schools in need in other areas of the world, including Haiti and Peru.


What is Rotary? Check out this short video!